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الأحد، 5 ديسمبر 2021

Engineering - Process Control Lead - Air Products (Middle East) FZE وظائف السعودية

مطلوب للعمل فى السعودية Engineering - Process Control Lead - Air Products (Middle East) FZE
 Engineering - Process Control Lead - Air Products (Middle East) FZE وظائف فى السعودية



The Process Control System Lead will be responsible for building and management of a new Process Control Systems team capable to develop and execute Process Control Systems to ensure the safe, stable, reliable, available and most feasible operation of the IGCC plant facilities under JIGPC in Jazan, Saudi Arabia. 


Nature & Scope

The Jazan IGCC is the world’s largest IGCC and ASU facility producing 2100 MMSCFD syngas, 18,000 MT/Day Oxygen and 4 Gigawatts of power. Facilities and assets include; residue gasification, acid gas clean up (Rectisol), soot ash recovery, sulphur recovery (Claus & Scot), combined cycle power plants, materials handling systems, hydrogen recovery, air separation, water utilities systems and waste water treatment facilities.

Properly functioning Process Controls is a combination of control engineering and chemical engineering, and is critical to the stable, safe, reliable, available and efficient operation of the plant facilities and associated equipment and systems, as well as the quality of the products produced. The Process Control Lead will be responsible for the individual unit analog controls stability, the unit APC controls and for the inter unit integration controls (CRO). As a member of the plant engineering team, the Process Control Lead will interact routinely with his team of engineers, plant operations, maintenance, and other discipline engineering personnel to provide “hands-on” field-engineering and troubleshooting guidance, technical guidance related to the site’s Process Controls, APC and CRO systems in the operations of the plant. The position emphasizes leadership, teamwork, communications, organization, change management, work process optimization, planning and hands-on technical skills with comprehensive knowledge across engineering disciplines. 





·      Provide & maintain a safe work environment for self & others. Employ good housekeeping methods and demonstrate leadership with all company & industry safe work processes to prevent injuries.


You will provide process control engineering leadership across the following:

·      Lead the provision of engineering evaluation & determinations, issue technical direction & guidance, and oversee inspection & quality assurance initiatives for all Process Controls systems, software & equipment troubleshooting, maintenance, calibration, repair, and test activities.

·      Lead the provision of engineering support & guidance during the construction & commissioning of the plants. Maintain accurate document control and monitor quality assurance initiatives. 

·      Lead the development of detailed engineering specifications (including sizing calculations) for the procurement of Process Controls systems, software, components and equipment. 

·      Lead the provision of engineering input for development and maintenance of Process Controls systems & equipment standards, procedures, best practices, inspection contracts, and contractor selection guidelines.

·      Maintain compliance with all Critical Safety Circuits (CSS), Safety Integrity Levels (SIL), and Safety Instrumented Systems (SIS) implementation and revalidation programs.

·      Provide engineering leadership for the troubleshooting, maintenance, calibration, repair, and test activities for the plant’s DCS, ESD and stand-alone electronic control systems. 

·      Lead the development and implementation of a comprehensive continuous tuning and calibration program for all Process Controls Systems & equipment.

·      Lead the development and implementation of comprehensive APC on the individual IGCC units.

·      Together with the Process group develop, implement and maintain the analog and predictive-trip integration control systems.

·      Establish & maintain compliance with all company and local regulations.

·      Employ appropriate project development and project management activities (including scope, budget, schedule, execution strategies, risk plans, cost collection / reporting, etc.) for the execution of all projects and turnaround activities. 

·      Provide engineering leadership to develop the annual budget for Process Control Systems & equipment, maintenance and repair. 

·      Promote an atmosphere of team spirit through good example, open communication, good listening, and timely problem resolutions.

·      Drive continuous improvement in safety performance, reliability, and cost of quality goals.

·      Establish & maintain relationships with regional APC, Process Control Systems & equipment suppliers.

·      Foster and support positive working relationships with internal and external customers.

·      Participate at professional association meetings to determine best practices being used in the industry and apply them to our Process Control Systems.

·      Support, mentor, and develop local Process Control Engineers.

Job Details

Posted Date: 2021-12-05
Job Location: Jizan, Saudi Arabia
Job Role: Engineering
Company Industry: Oil & Gas; Petrochemicals & Refined Petroleum Products Manufacture

Preferred Candidate

Career Level: Mid Career
Degree: Bachelor's degree

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Engineering - Process Control Lead - Air Products (Middle East) FZE وظائف سعودية

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